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WHITE PARTY BANGKOK stands as Asia’s largest gay New Year’s dance festival, attracting over 25,000 partygoers from more than 70 nationalities worldwide each year. This event has firmly established itself as one of the most significant LGBT gatherings globally.

Renowned for its exceptional production value, White Party Bangkok has gained international recognition for its unparalleled staging, arguably unmatched by any other event of similar scale worldwide. In 2015, White Party Bangkok received nominations in various categories from JustCircuit Awards, including “Best Circuit Staging & Circuit Production,” “Best New Circuit Event,” and “International Circuit Party of the Year.” Then, in 2018, White Party Bangkok proudly secured the esteemed “Circuit Party of the Year” Award from CircuitX.

Produced by Cloud 9 Inc., Thailand’s premier concert and event organizer, the festival is helmed by entertainment industry veterans and brothers Blue & Bond Satittammanoon, in partnership with Media Vision and Light Source, Thailand’s largest audiovisual and production houses.

The organizers are committed to delivering an unforgettable New Year’s party experience. Brace yourself for a colossal celebration, featuring astonishing production quality, headlined by world-renowned DJs, and showcasing performances by international superstar artists.

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